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Amin Gulgee

With his father already an established painter and his mother an interior designer, art was running through the blood of Amin Gulgee. That is why when his parents asked him to look for a serious job he refused and took up sculpting as his professon.

He did not have any hands-on training from his father and was very much discouraged to become an artist fearing that it involves a lot of struggle. But fate had something else stored for him.

He opted for this field and has now become a world renowned artist getting appreciation from the designers in Italy to New York, he is now a much recognized name as a designer sculptor and jewelry desginer.

He is one of his kind in Pakistan. So what is it about him and his work that has made him this famous? Its his sculpting experimentation with metal. This seemingly very hard and cold iron is moulded into beautiful art pieces by him.

He plays with it just as a child plays with clay. It seems to twist and turn in his hands as he wants it to be.the result being simply exquisite!!

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He uses everything from computer chips, to recycled bottles, to plastics and the results are very surprising. His work is all about the elasticity of metal and the forms it can be displayed in showing the power of.

Amin Gulgee's imagination in to forms and shapes of metal. He doesn't sketch his ideas, but in a side-line to his big pieces, he produces jewellery which he says are the "by-products" of his work.

These so-called by products have been worn by the likes of Mrs Butros Butros Gali; wife of the former UN Secretary General; and his work has been displayed all over the world. His work has many facets: traditional,contemporary, modernistic, subliminal, and much more.

Pakistan’s foremost sculptor, Amin’s natural and instinctive thrust is towards spirituality. If one was to stop and attempt to classify Amin's work it would assuredly come under the category of Islamic art.

It contains the opposing ingredients that create the tension and excitement that Islamic art is all about. Hence, the discipline of form seems to be interrupted by a sensuousness that is perfectly matched with opposing line and curve.

Light and shade, simplicity and complexity, are just a few of the elements that tighten the atmosphere around his work. Amin feels very close to God during the whole process of creating his scupltures.

He is greatly inspired by nature and God and that is very much visible in his work. He says "God for me is everything – it is me; it is you; it is the wind outside; it is the light we see; it’s everything horrible and everything wonderful – I don’t see any separations – I see God in just about everything".

Having traveled almost the entire world and achieving this much fame, this artist is very much grounded in his birthplace Karachi and feels passionately about Pakistan.

His inspiration comes from the myriad of civilizations that have flourished in this land and are a source of such a rich culture. For him everything around him is an inspiration, he finds every person beautiful and says that he can spend all day sitting and watching people.

Amin graduated in Art History, Architecture and Economics at Yale. He loved architecture and did some art work in that. Later, he chose to do major in Art History and.

chose to do dissertation on Mughal Gardens with special look at Shalamar Gardens, Lahore. It was after graduation that he decided to become an artist and went to live in New York as a jewellery designer.

He had to struggle a lot at the start of his career as no one was willing to buy his now - exquisite pieces of jewellry.the reason well because it was too big!! It was in New York that he cut down the size of his jewellry and not until his return to Karachi did he start working on larger pieces of sculpture.

Being a romantic at heart and having tried his hands on Kathak for sometime, Amin says that he loves to read anything he gets his hands on especially poetry because that inspires him.

He loves working with bronze and copper among metals and says that they are simply glorius metals. He pays special emphasis on the placement of his sculptures and now has his own museum in Karachi.

He wants to experiment further with new materials and having so much energy, fervour and zest, this full of life artist will give us more exceptional works in the years to come.that for sure! Like it is said "theres no beginning or an end to a creative process".

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